Amek Media 51 audio console, 60 inputs, Rupert Neve mic pre’s and EQ, Superture Re-Call snapshot automation with virtual dynamics and mono to 7.1 surround mixing and monitoring.

3 – IZ RADAR STUDIO hard disk recorders (72 tracks) 24 bit/96KHz Nyquist converters with duel disk recording to Solid State drives recording in broadcast wave files. compatible with Pro Tools or other DAW mixing systems.

3 – IZ RADAR 24 hard disk recorders for backup (72 tracks)

Time-Line Lynx sync-unit for machine lock and resolve to video

6 – Sony PCM-800 DTRS digital recorders (48 tracks with time code cards)

Panasonic SV 3700, 3800 DAT recorders, Tascam CDR-5000 and 2000 CD recorders

DBX 900 rack with six 903 limiters, two DS units.

Antares auto-tune ATR-1a

Four – Drawmer 201 DA gates

Drawmer 1960 Tube-mic pre stereo limiter

Valley People 2 channel DSP unit 

One stereo Aphex Compellor

Amek Rupert Neve 9098 mic-pre/EQ channel

Two – Amek Rupert Neve Pure Path mic-pre, EQ and compressor channels

Rupert Neve Design: Portico II Master Buss Processor, P2MB; Rupert Neve; RMP D8 mic pre

Four – URIE La-3a limiters

Three – RNC 1773, Really Nice Compressors

Yamaha SPX-90 II effects unit

AMS Rmx-16 reverb effects unit

Eventide H-3000 D/SX Ultra-Harmonizer

Lexicon PCM-70 (v.2 & v. 3 effects unit)

Twenty – API mic preamps

Ten – API 550a EQ units

Three-API 525 limiters

Night Technologies PreQ3/ four channel mic pre-amps w/AIR EQ

John Hardy four channel M1 mic pre’s

4 – RNC mic pre amps

RTS intercom; three belt packs & two wireless packs, two speaker stations


Samsung LCD – HD TV monitor, Two Sony B&W monitors, two CCD cameras

Meyer HD-1 monitor speakers, Yamaha NS-10 speakers, Tannoy 6.5 speakers

Advantone-Mixcubes, Crown power amps

M&K CR-2401 speakers with M&K sub and bass management for 5.1 surround mixing

Six – SM58’s, Four – SM57’s, Four – Beta SM-58’s, Two – Beta SM-57’s, Shure SM-87, Two – Neumann U-47fets, Two – Neumann KM-84i’s, Eight – AGK 451E’s,  AKG CK9 ShortShotgun, Two-Sanken CU-41’s, One-Sanken CMS-2 stereo MS, Two-Beyer M-88’s, Two-Beyer M-201’s, Three -Beyer M-260 Ribbons, Five – Beyer M-500 Ribbons, Two – Beyer M-160 Ribbons, Four – Sennheiser 421’s, Two – Sennheiser 441’s, EV RE-20, RCA BK-5a Ribbon, RCA 77DX Ribbon, Neumann U-67 tube, AKG C-12 clone The Tube, Five – Countryman DI’s, Radial Pro DI, Urie DI w/Jensen transformer, Two – B&K 4006’s, Five – AKG 414’s, Two – Octavia 201’s and a Tube Stereo DI box.

80 input Jensen microphone splitter system, 320’ of Mogami feeder snake with break out boxes.

16 input BS active splitter w/transformer iso splits.

Sola isolation power transformer
Truck needs 60 amp single phase, 208-250 volts/ Two hots and a neutral

Size of Truck:
60’ for trailer and tractor, 12 feet wide for stair extension on passenger side, Height 13’ 4”, Gross vehicle weight 52,000 lbs. with tractor, 36,000 lbs.- trailer only.